Rust Protection



What is Rustproofing?

Rustproofing is the prevention or delaying of rust on iron and steel metal surfaces. This protects the metals from the elements and dramatically extend the life of the metal structure.

For rust to occur, air and water need to be present. By sealing the iron from water and air, you’re protecting the iron from rusting.

Why do rustproofing?

Unless you have a rustproof alloy underbody (like stainless steel) you would be exposed to the elements. Corrosion shortens the life of any vehicle, especially if you have structural corrosion. Your vehicle will lose value and ultimately break down.

Vehicles exposed to salt like on salt roads, fishermen launching their boats or everyday cars being used close to the beach, are the most vulnerable as salt accelerates the oxidation process.

Rust protection is best done when the vehicle is still new and no rust had occurred yet. Once rust occurs, there is no way of reversing the process. You can however slow the process down and extend the life of your vehicle by applying a chemical rust proof product which seals the rusted areas from air and water. For rust to occur, air and water need to be present. By sealing the iron from water and air, you’re protecting the iron from rusting.

How long does it last?

Most application will last 5+ years. This will depend on the usage and type of exposure the vehicle gets to salt water, gravel roads and other abrasive conditions. Gravel roads are prone to create stone chips on the underbody paint. Areas where the paint is chipped off will be subjected to rust as it will allow water and air to get in contact with the steel.

It is recommended to have your vehicle inspected annually for any paint chips and get them touched up.

Chemical Rust Protection

Our Chemical Rust Protection has stand the test of time here in the tropics since the 1960’s when TROPIC PROOF was first established. A thick bitumen paint is used for all under-body areas while a thinner cavity wax is applied to the inner shell of the vehicles and comes with a 5 Year warranty

Electronic Rust Protection

We also supply and install the famous COUPLERTEC Electronic rust protection units. CouplerTec technology works in the same way on vehicles old and new ensuring that all areas of the vehicle are protected inside and out. Our research has determined that the addition of a CouplerTec system to a vehicle will ensure that small paint chips and scratches will not spread.

Rust Protection Packages

Get the ultimate protection by using both Chemical Rust Proofing and Electronic Rust Proofing. We offer great deals on Packages when combining chemical and electronic rust protection for some seriously tough protection.